2018 State of Data Governance
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Does your organization have the right data governance approach?


erwin partnered with UBM in November 2017 to conduct original research on data governance.

We surveyed North American companies with 1,000 or more employees in 16+ sectors, including
financial services, government, healthcare, IT and telecommunications.

Among the 118 respondents were CIOs, CTOs, data center managers, IT staff and consultants.

Some of the results are a bit shocking. For example, only 6% of enterprises say they’re prepared for one of the most important data privacy and security regulations to be passed in recent years – that would be GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation). 

On the bright side, the business is beginning to realize the importance of data governance, moving it out from IT’s shadow. However, there are conflicting definitions for the practice and what it entails, plus IT continues to foot the DG bill.

The State of DG Report presents a cautionary tale about what enterprises need to do to advance their data governance agendas and includes some practical insights.

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