Data Governance Is Everyone's Business

Bringing IT and business together for a new era in data-driven enterprise

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Data Governance 1.0 has been characterized primarily by IT serving as data custodian, cataloging data elements for search and discovery without any real grasp of their meaning, relationships or value to the organization.

Fortunately, the age of Data Governance 2.0 is dawning and bringing with it necessary change, namely greater collaboration across the organization with everyone from executives on down becoming more invested in and accountable for data use.

While questions of cybersecurity and regulatory pressures, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are largely responsible for elevating its profile, data governance goes beyond just risk management.

By embracing data governance as the guiding discipline and underlying technology, it’s possible to mitigate risk while maximizing data’s upsides for peak business performance.

So, data governance no longer can be considered just an IT-driven solution absent business context. It must be treated as a strategic initiative that joins both IT and business functions to mitigate risk, improve organizational performance and accelerate growth.

Then the right data of the right quality, regardless of format or location, will be available for use only by the right people for the right purpose.

This e-book explores the evolution of data governance, marked by the idea that everyone within the organization collaborates in the process, spreading responsibilities across more individuals and bringing ranking business leaders to the table to inform and enable the effort’s return on investment, from limiting data exposures to driving data opportunities – including growing revenue.

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