erwin Data Modeler NoSQL
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Effectively Model and Manage Unstructured Cloud Data

With erwin Data Modeler NoSQL, you can model and manage unstructured cloud data with the same rigor and effectiveness as traditional data sources, reducing risk and dramatically enhancing enterprise governance and collaboration.

Key features of erwin DM NoSQL include:

  • Native Design and Deployment for NoSQL Data Structures:
    erwin DM NoSQL is the first and only enterprise-class data modeling solution to provide native, non-relational modeling support for MongoDB.
  • Discovery and Visualization of NoSQL Databases:
    erwin DM NoSQL enables modelers to reverse-engineer existing MongoDB databases into graphical models, giving business and technical stakeholders a complete and contextual view of their MongoDB assets.
  • On-Demand Modeling for MongoDB Environments:
    erwin DM NoSQL is a SaaS solution, providing modelers and reviewers anywhere-, anytime-, any-device access.

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