erwin DM Web Portal (WP)

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Enable business and technical users to easily discover, visualize and understand the data sources, structures and architecture driving the organization.
Grant authorized stakeholders access to your erwin data models and their detailed metadata with erwin DM WP.

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Provide a Role-Based Interface
Intuitive and contextually appropriate interfaces are available for different users and roles.
Promote Collaboration
End users can use metadata tags, comments and attachments to create a managed feedback loop between model creators and model consumers.
Search, Browse & Annotate Metadata
Visualize large quantities of data objects in a graphical format to facilitate enterprise data fluency and usage, efficient and agile data management, and a better return on strategic data assets.
Perform Impact Analysis & See Lineage
View the inter-relationships between data elements to analyze lineage and determine the impact of change.
Export Metadata to CSV
Easily produce targeted reports and share model contents with other analysis tools.
Integrate erwin DM
Harvest file-based erwin models and/or directly from erwin DM Workgroup Edition marts.
Enable Self-Service
A wide range of data stakeholders can discover and analyze the visualizations and detailed metadata in erwin data models.