erwin Data Modeler (DM)

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Design and deploy new and hybrid data structures and resources with “any data” from “anywhere.”

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Discover, design, visualize, standardize and deploy high-quality data assets with erwin DM.


Dare to Compare
Automated bidirectional synchronization of models, scripts and databases compares one item to the other, displays differences, permits selective upgrades and generates alter scripts.
Perform Impact Analysis
View and test the impact of changes to data models in a secure, read-only environment before implementing them.
Ensure Efficiency, Effectiveness & Consistency Across Platforms
Forward- and reverse-engineering of codes and integration with erwin DM NoSQL simplifies the management of the entire database landscape.
Extract Data from ERP & CRM Systems
Extract/convert data from ERP, CRM and other enterprise apps for accurate modeling and analysis, plus consolidate duplicate systems to reduce license costs.
Improve Collaboration & Break Down Silos
Modeling teams have auditing, change management and conflict resolution capabilities, with integration to erwin’s products providing more strategic IT and business collaboration.
Automate Complex & Time-Consuming Tasks
The easy-to-use graphical environment makes for more effective database design, standardization, deployment and maintenance, with three versions to meet customer needs.