Thank you for registering for the erwin® Data Modeler Academic Edition. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

For additional information, please visit

Step 1 - erwin Data Modeler License Code Request

Complete a License form to obtain your 1-year erwin Academic Edition license.
On, choose Licensing under the Support heading.

Please take care in providing your information into the first 8 fields of the form, following the instructions below.

  1.  Choose erwin Data Modeling Licensing in the first drop down
  2.  Enter your school email address
  3.  For "Subject" enter Academic Edition
  4.  For "Description," enter:
  • First Name
  • Complete school name - no abbreviations
  • Name of the course you are taking
  • Name of your professor
  1.  For "Severity," choose 4
  2.  For "Product Name" drop-down,  choose erwin Data Modeler
  3.  For "Product Edition" drop-down, choose Academic
  4.  Enter Telephone Number

You can ignore the remaining fields and use Submit at the bottom of the form. After submitting the form, an email will be sent to your school email address with information on the license.

Step 2 - Download

Download erwin Data Modeler.

Step 3 - Install

You can now install erwin DM. The installation will complete, but you will need to apply the license code requested in Step 1 that will be sent to your school email address to use the product.