The Importance of Governing Data
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The Role of Data Governance and Data Modeling in Enterprise Data Management

Many businesses underestimate their business data requirements, failing to grasp the full value from their data. Left ungoverned, data becomes less consistent, less reliable, and diminishing in value.

Data-driven businesses on the other hand, invest in data initiatives that ensure that their data is well-defined, understood and accessible to all business departments. Data leaders realize the full potential of enterprise data assets to make more informed data-driven decisions.

Implementing an Enterprise Data Management framework incorporating Data Governance and Data Modeling directly increases data quality and consistency, and enhances corporate decision making by making data more accessible, intelligible and reliable.

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  • The value of Data Governance for more informed decision making.
  • Supporting business needs with Data Modeling.
  • Using Enterprise Data Management to define common business goals, processes and terminology.
  • Data Stewards versus Subject Matter Experts and Data Managers.
  • How BancoEstado achieves greater data efficiency and agility [case study].

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