Application Portfolio Management for Mergers and Acquisitions

Effective business and technology integration with data modeling and enterprise architecture 

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The M&A spotlight often focuses on eye-catching mega-deals, but small- to mid-sized companies, which often are privately held, also pursue M&As as perhaps the most efficient way to stay competitive, grow talent and expand business into new markets.

As companies come together to complete a transaction, their success relies on multiple factors.

But chief among these is effective integration, which must be accomplished across multiple fronts including technology.

Executives likely will want to conduct application portfolio management (APM) initiatives to support technology integration, and not just with an eye to surface costs.

Now there’s opportunity to harmonize IT estates from a more holistic perspective that ultimately will serve the business better.

That opportunity exists for smaller businesses, too, which generally have less M&A experience and a greater need for immediate agility in the wake of closing a deal.

Indeed, a more thoughtful approach to APM could play a role in lowering the high failure rate of M&A deals.

This e-book explores intelligent APM, using data modeling and enterprise architecture to maximize, optimize and govern data assets and respond to management, customer, regulatory and other issues – regardless of which applications remain in place and which are phased out.

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