erwin EA/BP On Demand

Cloud-Based Trial

Access our enterprise architecture (EA) and business process (BP) modeling software and supporting tools to evaluate the full set of capabilities during your trial, extended demo or pilot.
See the power of erwin EA & erwin BP powered by Casewise in a hosted environment. 

Test driving erwin EA/BP is easy, fast and secure thanks to our cloud environment. Here’s how it works:
  1. Complete the form so an erwin Presales Team member can contact you.
  2. Discuss your requirements and configuration needs with your dedicated erwin presales resource.
  3. We will install the latest version of erwin EA/BP desktop and server suites in our AWS cloud environment.
  4. Specific project areas will be deployed to your end users based on your requirements.
  5. Upload your data and start modeling!
Once your trial is over, you can port over the data and developed content into your real erwin EA/BP environment, whether you continue hosting it in the cloud or not.
This is a seamless trial experience with zero risk, zero hassle and zero cost. all you have to focus on is seeing how erwin EA/BP powered by Casewise meets your EA and BP modeling needs.


Save Time
No server set-up, installation or tickets to manage.
Be Current
With continuous updates, the newest features and functions are always at your fingertips.
Stay Secure
Real-time security updates and rigorous practices protect and track your information.
Work Anywhere
Access EA/BP applications securely from anywhere on any device.
Increase Agility
Rapidly adjust the size of your trial, demo or pilot and then port over content into your production environment.
Reduce Costs
Save money on physical hardware, maintenance and other hidden administration costs.