erwin Mapping Manager

Product Demonstration

Enable greater data visibility, data lineage and data governance throughout the data integration lifecycle.
Automate data mapping and code generation with erwin MM.


Increase Time to Value
Automate data mapping and speed up data movement, transformation projects and code generation and for faster delivery and lower costs.
Improve Accuracy and Eliminate Human Error
By automating data mapping, you can reduce costly errors – that’s less time putting out fires and more time innovating.
Impact Analysis
Instantly identify the impact of a change on an attribute or table across the warehouse.
Drag-and-Drop Mapping
Use a quick and easy drag-and-drop method to eliminate manual work and costly errors typical of a traditional Excel approach.
Universal Code Generation
With plug-in SDKs, code generation is automated and can be customized to meet specific requirements, accelerating delivery and reducing rework.
Version Management & Change Control
With built-in versioning, archive all mapping documentation and view change comparison reports over time.
Upstream & Downstream Data Lineage
Generate end-to-end lineage between repositories and view data flows from source systems all the way to reporting layers.
Automate, Automate, Automate
Speed up data movement and transformation projects, code generation and data movement documentation to reduce delivery timeframes and errors.
Create a Central Governance Framework
Efficiently transform and move data according to business requirements from a single, unified platform.
Consolidate Data into a Single Metadata Repository.
A metadata-driven approach with a single repository eliminates data silos and reduces the risk of lost, overlooked or corrupted data.