GDPR and Your Business: A Call to Enhance Data Governance Expertise

Any business in any sector catering to EU customers must ramp up data governance to meet demanding data privacy requirements

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Although the effective date for GDPR compliance—May 25, 2018—is fast approaching, many organizations remain unprepared for the standard.

Protecting what traditionally has been considered personally identifiable information (PII)—people’s names, addresses, government identification numbers and so forth—that a business collects and hosts is just the beginning of GDPR expectations.

Organizations must expand their data governance expertise, understanding all the systems in which personal data is located and all the interactions that touch it.

Knowing not only the original instance of the data but its entire lineage and how it is handled across the complete ecosystem is critical to ensure that security is applied at all appropriate levels and to quickly detect any points where an individual’s data may have been compromised in the event of a breach.

Moving these initiatives forward in a comprehensive and holistic manner makes sense not only for achieving GDPR regulatory compliance but also for making an organization’s employees smarter with data.

Data governance is the engine behind raising the bar on customer satisfaction and better decision-making too.

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