Data Governance 1.0 Is Dead, Long Live Data Governance 2.0

Data governance 1.0 vs. Data Governance 2.0 explained. 

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Australia’s DGA Code of Practice takes effect January 1, 2018. And the European Union’s deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation looms soon after in May.

These regulatory pressures, along with Australia’s ambitions for data-driven societal and occupational opportunities, underscore the vital role of data governance.

Yet the country’s organisations tend to lag behind in terms of defining what data governance means and how to approach it.

Right now, data appetites seem to outweigh the ability to properly manage and use that data. Clearly, it’s time for a refresh – or perhaps an entirely new approach.

So, how do you establish effective data governance? And what can you expect to accomplish from doing so?

But Data Governance 2.0 is dawning, an age marked by the idea that everyone – from executives on down – is invested in and accountable for data use.

At erwin, we believe data governance is indeed everyone’s business to create an enterprise data governance experience that makes it possible to both mitigate risks and maximize data’s upsides for peak business performance.

This white paper explores data governance as a strategic initiative and how to get started.

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