erwin BP powered by Casewise

Product Demonstration

Visualize your business processes and all the associated information to shine a light on areas ripe for innovation, improvement or reorganization.
Model process flows, system interactions and organizational hierarchies with erwin BP.


Centralize Business Process Modeling
A central, shared repository contains an integrated set of views and information about business processes to identify where and how information elements are being used.
Provide Role-Based, Tailored Views
Develop models of complex business process models and enable their visualization according to stakeholder role via an easy-to-use graphical interface.
Support Process Improvement Methodologies
Templates for Lean and Six Sigma help achieve maximum efficiency and quality.
Perform Impact Analysis
Explore model elements, links and dependencies to manage change efficiently and cost-effectively while mitigating inherent risks.
Improve Collaboration & Break Down Silos
Discussion threads, surveys and other social features encourage cross-functional collaboration, with integration to erwin’s other products providing more strategic IT and business collaboration.
Model & Analyze Business Processes
Ensure your organization captures and maintains all process-related knowledge with full-featured and easily configured software.