erwin Data Catalog (DC)

Product Demonstration

Efficiently integrate and activate your data in a single, unified data catalog for data governance, data quality and metadata management initiatives.
Automate metadata harvesting, data cataloging, code generation and data lineage with erwin DC.


Understand the Complete Metadata Landscape
With an accurate picture of all metadata, you can accelerate digital transformation projects, including Big Data deployments, Data Vaults, data warehouse modernization and cloud migration.
Eliminate Manual Work & Costly Errors
Our drag-and-drop approach and auto source-to-target metadata-driven mapping feature eliminates manual work and costly errors.
Accelerate Project Delivery & Reduce Rework
ETL/ELT and code generation for other data integration components can be automated and customized with plug-in SDKs.
See Upstream & Downstream Data Lineage
Generate end-to-end lineage between repositories and view data flows from source systems to reporting layers.
Perform Impact Analysis
Instantly identify the impact of changes to business terms or physical data before you implement them.
Automate Data Harvesting & Cataloging
Enjoy increased time-to-value and schedule ongoing scans from the widest array of metadata sources and targets for automated metadata harvesting to update the data catalog, including reference data management and lifecycle management.