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IT and business collaboration for accurate, high-quality and real-time intelligence


erwin DG enables you to know what data you have and where it resides, understand what it means in common, standardized terms and then transform it into useful information you can act on – all while controlling its access.

By broadening data governance beyond IT, you create an “enterprise data governance experience” that fuels an accurate, high-quality and real-time data pipeline. Then you can yield the necessary business intelligence to produce the desired outcomes – from regulatory compliance to business transformation.

As the most connected, role-based data governance solution on the market, erwin DG provides:

  • Capabilities that assure the agile transformation of “data at rest” and “data in motion” into accurate, actionable insights
  • Integration with the broadest set of metadata connectors and automated code generation, data mapping and cataloging tools
  • Merging of technical metadata harvesting and cataloging with business-led data governance to simplify the data management and governance lifecycle

erwin DG is also the hub of the erwin EDGE platform for enterprise data visibility, understanding, control and collaboration.

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