erwin Data Governance

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Understand what data means within a business context, track its physical existence and lineage, and maximize its security, quality and value.
See erwin DG, the most connected, role-based data governance solution.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy


Create an Enterprise Data Governance Experience
Expand data governance beyond IT, so all stakeholders can discover, understand, govern and socialize data assets.
Automate a High-Quality Data Pipeline
Document systems, processes and the associated data, both at rest and in motion, for full inventory of reliable information with which to make strategic decisions.
Plan and Manage Change with Real-time Impact Analysis
Know where specific data resides and how changes to the data landscape will impact people, processes and systems before you implement them.
Integrate Your Business Glossary, Data Dictionary and Catalog
Build glossaries, publish approved standards and prioritize them, as well as map data in all its forms to the central catalog of data elements.
Control Access and Track Use
See who and what is using your data to ensure adherence to usage standards and rules. Log usage in accordance with data regulations such as GDPR.
See Data Lineage
Identify all the places where specific data resides, where it came from, and what happened to it along the way, all in real time.
Discover Sensitive Data
Automate the discovery, categorization and documentation of sensitive data to reduce the burden of compliance efforts and data-related risks across the board.
Break Down Silos
Integrations with erwin data preparation, enterprise modeling and data governance solutions unify people, processes and systems that manage and protect data.
Automate Metadata Scanning, Harvesting & Inference
Keep metadata current with universal data-source harvesting and metadata inference, standardization and lifecycle management,reducing expensive manual tasks and rework.