erwin Data Intelligence (DI)

Product Demonstration

Combine the capabilities of erwin Data Catalog with erwin Data Literacy to fuel an automated, real-time, high-quality data pipeline.
Spend less time searching for data and more time analysing it for actionable insights with erwin DI.


Harvest Data
Automate the collection of metadata from various data management silos and consolidate it into a single source.
Structure & Deploy Data Sources
Connect physical metadata to specific business terms and definitions and reusable design standards.
Analyze Metadata
Understand how data relates to the business and what attributes it has.
Map Data Flows
Identify where to integrate data and track how it moves and transforms.
Govern Data
Develop a governance model to manage standards and policies and set best practices.
Socialize Data
Enable all stakeholders to see data in one place and in the context of their roles.
Discover Data
Identify and integrate underlying metadata from various data management silos.